Project: Remix Fire

Hello. In the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit there is a little section we call Play. Here we have some ready-made creations waiting for you to wave, twist, and twirl your coding wand. But you can also easily tweak the code to make something new.

Here’s a simple remix to try. Open this creation:

It looks like this when you wave your coding wand. But that’s about to change.

Change all the colours in the code.

Change the Particle: end size to 200.

Change the background.

Wave your coding wand. I ended up with a new creation that looks like this:

What did you make? Don’t forget to save it to Kano World.

There’s so many new creations you can make, by just changing a few colours and numbers in the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit. Let us know about any remixes you think the Kano community must try.

Mischief Managed.


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