Project: Remix Music

Hello. In the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit there is a little section we call Play. Here we have some ready-made creations, wave your coding wand and see what they do. But you can also easily tweak the code to make something new.

Here’s a simple remix to try. Open this creation:

There is a guitar and drum to play with, see how the sound of each instrument gets louder as you move the coding wand left and right. Time to mix things up.

Change the instruments.

Change the music.

Change the background.

Ta da! How does it sound? Don’t forget to save your new creation to Kano World. What else could you do to make it even better?

There’s so many new creations you can make, by just changing a few objects and sounds in the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit. Let us know about any remixes you think the Kano community must try.

Mischief Managed.


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