Story-time with #GrandpaJohn

Sit back and relax. This is the story of Kano as narrated by an actual, real-life grandpa. When Grandpa John reached out to us with the most beautiful story about his and his grandson’s bond, we couldn’t stay away from publishing it.

Grandpa John is a computer ‘veteran’. He joined the computer industry back when it was like a “tiny toddler making its first steps”; a brave and bold move on his part. Today, Grandpa John is exploring Kano along with his grandson – hoping to inspire and be inspired by all the creative lightbulbs and innovative eureka moments this tinkering exercise might induce.

Grandpa John will be sharing one story with us every week.

Stay with us, kids and adults, for story-time, be it bedtime or office break time. This is how generations connect through technology.

In the next piece: The transformation of data

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