‘The Kano Elves’ by Louis Moss, 9

Louis Moss, 9, has penned a wonderful Christmas story with the Kano characters. We first heard about Louis when his mom, Helen, signed up for our open-source translation project. She’s helping us bring Kano all around the world.

Now, for a moment’s grin, check out what Louis did with our recently launched Storybird project – where anyone can use Kano art to write their own tales.

Young Louis’ story ‘The Kano Elves’ describes a world of Kano elves, rolling up their sleeves and cables to get computers ready for Christmas. Each has a role to play: the elves that get the stickers ready, the elves that sort and roll cables, the elves that make sure everything works, and Gummy the lead elf, who loves space travel.

We can’t wait to see what Louis makes with his kit (which is a birthday surprise by the way guys, so no spoilers!). And we’re honored to be a small art of Louis and Helen’s story.image

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